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California Dreams

The Art of Stanley Mouse

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June 9, 2015 | Hardcover | 9.5 x 12.2, 224 Pages | ISBN 9781593765460

"Stanley Mouse was one of the most important and beloved [among the poster artists of the 60s]; his work today is considered seminal." —Relix


The first comprehensive compendium of works by one of the groundbreaking pioneers of psychedelic poster art in the late ’60s, California Dreams is a career-spanning collection of 240 pieces pages created over more than five decades of nonstop artistic inspiration. Stanley Mouse is, of course, best known for the eye-popping and iconic posters, album covers and T-shirt designs he — often in collaboration with Alton Kelley — made during the hey-day of San Francisco’s counterculture renaissance and well into the 1970s. His influential work during that era captured the color, fun, mystery, passion and creatively liberating experimentalism of those tumultuous times.

But this book also explores other sides of Mouse’s art, as well. Before taking Haight-Ashbury by storm, Mouse enjoyed tremendous success in his native Detroit detailing hot rods and airbrushing shirts and posters with whimsical drawings and paintings of crazy monsters and extreme cars. And more recently, in addition to satisfying ongoing demand for music-related commissions, Mouse has delved deeply into fine art, painting vivid landscapes and wonderfully evocative figurative pieces. Many of the works here have never been published before, and an added bonus is the inclusion of early versions of several of Mouse’s best-known pieces, and a glimpse into his personal sketchbooks, where his active imagination roams wild and free. Additionally, aided by music journalist and historian Blair Jackson, Mouse tells the story of his life and times and talks soulfully about his seemingly boundless creativity.

STANLEY MOUSE was the son of a Disney animator and grew up doing hot-rod art in Detroit. Mouse had a natural feel for the organic lines of Art Nouveau as well as a hand that drew the art seemingly of its own volition. Upon moving to San Francisco, he teamed up with Alton Kelley to form the renowned “Mouse and Kelley.” Many of their posters remain enduring symbols of the sixties counterculture. His art is displayed in numerous museums around the world including The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Tokyo Museum Of Modern Art, The Louvre in Paris as well as the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Mouse is still actively painting and he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


“Stanley Mouse was one of the most important and beloved [among the poster artists of the 60s]; his work today is considered seminal. This 224-page hardcover collection reproduces all of Mouse’s most famous works of the era… But the book, with text by Blair Jackson, goes beyond that era, charting Mouse’s growth from the pre-ballroom days into the ‘70s, ‘80s and the present, his talent now often funneled into more traditional but no less striking and intriguing oil paintings.” —Relix

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